Quickly figure out if your marketing funnel is working and where to make changes that’ll make the biggest impact.

Funnel Math Made Easy

Understanding your data and learning what simple tweaks to your customer journey can do for your bottom line—that's what makes a significant difference to how you spend your time. 

I designed The Funnel Math Made Easy system to help you gain awareness and clarify what you need to do next. 

It shows you the importance of every piece of your funnel—and how improving just one part has a positive domino-effect on the whole funnel, and on your revenue.

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Knowing what's actually happening in your marketing funnels is one of the top actions you can take to find greater success in your business.

Yes! I Want Clarity

These worksheets are perfect for you if:

✅ Your funnel is NOT working as well as it could.
✅ You are unsure about what parts ARE working well.
✅ You need help figuring out what parts need some funnel love.

A leaky or broken funnel is no joke. You’ve got conversions (and sales) on the line.

Whether it’s for your webinar, course, Facebook ads, or anything else—plugging your numbers into the Funnel Math Made Easy spreadsheet will be an eye-opening (and hopefully, bank account-filling) experience. 

Grab your Funnel Math Made Easy system and get ready to see if your funnel is working as well as it could be (and, if not, where to focus on fixing it).

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